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I just realized that I have never written a single word here about greens. Not a whit about those staples that provoke an almost religious debate once you get not too far south of the Mason-Dixon line. With kale being the new nutritional darling, you would be forgiven for thinking that some attention would be paid to the broader topic.

This, people, is a problem. ‘Cause I love me some greens.

Now when I say “greens”, I mean the cooked leaves of certain hearty plants and root vegetables. Not salads, though they’re a worthy subject of discussion for later. I mean turnip greens, mustard, kale, chard, collards, and the like. You know – the things your mother or grandmother probably cooked the living hell out of, that stank up the house and turned up little noses. The plain truth of the matter is that you should be eating more of these, and they can be tasty.

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