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Rustic bacon, cheddar, and carmelized tartDepending on what you fill it with and who you talk to, the free-form tart is also known as a croustade or galette. It is, in essence, a round of simple pastry crust onto which a few layers of flavorful sweet or savory ingredients have been piled, and the edges folded up. A pie without a pan. They look and taste delicious, and can be really easy to do. The photo to the left is of a croustade made with caramelized onions, and pre-cooking the onions was the most difficult and time consuming part. They’re also a great intro to baking, because they don’t have to be picture-perfect. They’re supposed to be a little rough, a bit wonky… rustic’s right in the name. If you can roll out dough into a roughly circular shape and spread jam on bread, you can make one of these.

So, I give you Rustic Bacon, Cheddar, and Caramelized Onion Tart, or if you want to be fancy about it, Croustade aux fromage avec oignons et lardons. Put that on your dinner party e-vite or next potluck signup list!

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