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Chinese country-style pork ribsOne of the challenges of getting groceries from the co-op is that the protein selection of the week is generally beyond our control. And sometimes we end up with cuts we’ve never cooked with before, or have only used rarely. Here, it was country-cut pork ribs. Which aren’t really ribs proper, but are from the area between the loin and the shoulder blade. The ones I got were individually cut, a long thick strip which I split into two pieces each. The total weight of the package was just short of two pounds.

I’d tried making these before, and you really can’t treat them like you would spare ribs or baby backs. Honestly, the way they were packaged I thought they were St. Louis cut spare ribs, so when I opened them up, I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to make them work for my intended use. I’d decided to attempt Chinese-style pork spareribs, which are generally made with belly cuts. Lots of fat to render and keep things from getting leather-tough despite long cooking times. Which I wouldn’t necessarily have here.

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