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Imperial Barber Products Fiber Pomade jar on white surface

Imperial’s water-based fiber pomade is a moderate hold product that suits medium to fine hair just fine, but might not be enough for thick or wavy locks.

It comes out of the jar pretty thick and sticky, but applied to damp hair works in and combs through very easily.

Imperial Fiber is not a high-gloss pomade, but it’s not a matte clay finish either. It gives some sheen, but it’s not of the perpetually-wet shine variety.

It’s mostly water based, so it washes out fairly easily. It does contain some petrolatum and castor oil though, so it doesn’t get crispy and start flaking. Multiple dry combings will eventually break down the hold, but a wet comb will bring things back together well.

The scent is that of a salon product – that vaguely “watermelon Jolly Rancher” fragrance. Not objectionable, but not a classic barbershop aroma if that’s what you’re after.

At $20-22 for a 6-oz. jar, it is on the high end price-wise for its category. It does perform well, and appears to be a high-quality product for the money.

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