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Here’s a couple of foolproof ways to make sure the brewhead gasket on your espresso machine leaks like crazy whenever you try to pull a shot:

  1. Always overfill your filter basket. Don’t worry about proper dosing – if some coffee is good, more coffee is great! Cram that thing full and tamp it with your full body weight if you have to.
  2. Always crank the portafilter as tight as humanly possible into the grouphead. Way past the point of solid, uniform contact. If you’re not grinding the basket into the brass handle, you’re letting the caffeine escape!
  3. When not using the machine, keep the portafilter handle locked tightly into the brewing group. It stays hotter and there’s less chance of it getting lost. Keep it tight whether the machine’s hot, cool, warming, or cooling. You want consistently compressed rubber!

Seriously – don’t do these things. Dose properly, lock the handle just until you get a good seal, and if you keep the portafilter on the machine always, turn it until it just contacts the gasket. It’ll stay, I promise. Otherwise, you’ll flatten, deform, or crack the rubber seal.


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