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Pills by Flickr user GenBug, Creative Commons LicenseWe’ve got an old dog. With an old dog comes pills. With pills comes trying to get said dog to swallow said pills. Which involves all sorts of trickery and tomfoolery at times. If you have to do this every day, you quickly abandon the “stuff ’em in and make ’em swallow” approach. That works for a very short period of administering meds. It becomes ridiculous if you have to do it for more than a week. Much less, if it’s twice a day for the remainder of your pet’s days.

So, many resort to hiding pills in other things. Dogs however, after months of this, become rather adept at separating pill from food. The next step in escalating medication warfare is wrapping the pill or capsule in something sticky that the dog will swallow before they realize the subterfuge. To this end, there are a number of “pill pockets” and “hide-a-pill” products on the market, for which manufacturers charge a pretty penny – $10 a bag is about average.

Look at the ingredients, and you will see three main components. Flour, vegetable oil, and a flavoring.

Yep, a sawbuck for a bag of flour dough with some chicken bouillon mixed in.

At least if you have a dog, you can commit to never buy these things again. I have yet to meet a dog that didn’t like peanut butter. Take a healthy blob of natural peanut butter (the stuff that’ll separate if you let it sit long enough) in a small bowl, and mix in all-purpose flour until you get a stiff mass. Then, knead in additional flour until you get a formable dough that doesn’t sag under its own weight.

Use this to wrap your pills. They’ll go down in seconds, and it doesn’t end up all over your hands and carpet. It’s just flour and peanut butter, so there’s no refrigeration or preservatives necessary.

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