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Need some quick hot snacks, a fast lunch, or a little bit of protein to go with a vegetable stir-fry? Well, then – always keep a bag of frozen shrimp or pork potsticker dumplings in the freezer for rapid deployment. They hit the spot for a fast Asian fix.

Preparation: Place a stainless steel saute pan or iron skillet over high heat (non-stick pans will not work here – they’re called “potstickers” for a reason). Add about a tablespoon of canola, peanut, or safflower oil to the pan and heat until you just start to see a wisp of smoke. With tongs (you’re putting icy food in hot oil here), place 6-10 potstickers in the pan, flat side down. Cover, reduce heat to medium-high, and fry for one minute. Add a quarter cup of water to the pan (there will be much frantic boiling, so be careful), cover, and steam for 3-4 minutes until heated through and tender. Serve with a dipping sauce: light soy mixed with grated fresh ginger and scallions, or with light soy mixed with garlic/chili paste.

* The package directions will typically state to steam/boil before browning. I don’t like this – too much chance of sticking badly. My method’s closer to making from fresh – the browning causes the dumplings to stick, and the steaming releases them: tender, but with a nicely-browned semi-crispy bottom.

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