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So it was, and so shall it be again.

I keep going through this cycle. I write. I blog. I run out of ideas. I dismantle. Rinse. Repeat.

When everyone seemed to shift to Facebook as their primary online social interaction, it seemed that the blog was dead. After all, between Twitter tweets and Facebook status updates, what else was there to do to keep people informed of what you were doing and thinking?

But Twitter is for informational snippets, a link here and there, a running micro-snapshot of thought at any one moment. It’s the online dumping ground for all those little, instantaneous thoughts that go flitting through your head but don’t warrant more than an intellectual post-it note. Facebook is horrible for anything more than 3-4 sentences, though it provides a nice, casual level of interactivity. For communicating ideas, however, it’s a nightmare.

So, it’s back to the blog. And with the myriad of APIs available to link content together on the web, it’s become a more integrated option. My writings here can be summarized and posted over to my Facebook timeline, so that my online friends can easily by referred here to my more detailed content. With the proliferation of interfaces and standards, each pile of content no longer stands on its own, but can be remixed and re-presented in multiple views from multiple sites: Smugmug, Twitter, Facebook, web logs, etc. all combined.

So, I enter this part of the cycle again. In the time since I was last here, I’ve learned and done many more interesting things. And, now I can hopefully again start sharing them in a manner that does them more justice than a timeline update.

Welcome back.

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